A Treasure Hunt Through History

At nearly 400 years old, Charleston is a city ripe with tidbits of days past, living landmarks and remnants of history’s highlights. Discover the treasures for yourself with a deep dive into the city’s antiquing scene.

Clock and Hourglass Antinques

Inspired by his travels throughout Asia and Europe, John Pope Antiques offers an eclectic assortment of items from near and far, with a presentation fully focused on style and quality. As one of the largest and oldest antique collectors in the South, George C. Birlant & Co. specializes in 18th and 19th-century treasures. Priceless pieces such as hand-decorated English Davenport Ironstone, Brilliant period hand-cut crystal, and English Geo III grandfather clocks are among some of the items counted in their inventory. Spend a night or two in a home straight out of history at the John Rutledge House Inn. Originally built in 1763, Rutledge spent much time in the second-floor drawing room where he drafted the United States Constitution.