Walking Through Charleston's Alleys

Charleston is by all accounts a walking city. You can best enjoy the city's architectural details and warm breezes with a stroll throughout the Historic District. We hold firmly to the opinion that a walk is not complete unless you’ve meandered through one of our many beautiful and historic alleys. Charleston's alleys have been around as long as the city itself and are one of the city's best-kept secrets. A few of our favorites are Philadelphia Alley, Stoll's Alley, and Fulton Lane. Each is romantic and historic in its own way, and all deserve a visit.     Philadelphia Alley This shaded one block path sits between Church Street and State Street. Originally, it was named "Cow Alley," most likely due to the livestock that occupied the space. It was later changed to "Philadelphia" to honor the help given by Philadelphia after the devastating fire of 1810. Locals have been known to refer to it as "Dueler's Alley," as it was seen as the ideal place for a duel in the 1800's. This was due to its high walls and limited access at both ends. Ghost tours commonly stop here and share stories of some of the more gory duels. If you are in town for the picture perfect sights or to soak up the rich history of the city, Philadelphia Alley is a must see. Stoll's Alley Stoll's Alley is only six feet in width at its eastern end, so visitors tend to pass by this path without a second glance. If you are observant enough, you won't be disappointed by this charming shaded alley with greenery and wrought iron gates. Four of the gates were crafted by Philip Simmons who is widely recognized as the most important Charleston ironworker of the 20th Century. Pieces of his craft are kept in museums all over the United States, and it is truly a treasure to be able to walk through Charleston's alleys and experience his work in its original home. This alley is a relaxing break from the busyness of Church Street and East Bay Street where its entrances sit. Fulton Lane Our own aptly named, Fulton Lane Inn sits next to a quaint, quiet alley. This path is nestled right in the heart of the city, where its just close enough to the hustle and bustle of upper King Street, but tucked away so guests enjoy relaxing and quiet nights. From here you can walk to the Charleston Market, Waterfront Park, or many famed downtown restaurants. We invite you to come enjoy all of Charleston's Alleys and our Fulton Lane Inn this spring. During your stay at the Fulton Lane Inn, you can enjoy our Discover Charleston Package. With this package you'll enjoy: a carriage ride through downtown's historic district, your choice of a plantation and garden tour at Middleton Place, Drayton Hall or Fort Sumter, and a tour of one of Charleston's beautiful historic homes, the Heyward-Washington or Joseph Manigault House. This package is available year-round, but rates vary depending on season. Call 800-720-2688 to book this package.